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On this 'International Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem', plant a mangrove with just a click.

You can choose to plant it your name or dedicate the plant to someone special. After completing the process, get your Certificate for Planting a Mangrove which can be shared with your friends and on Social Media.

Plant a Mangrove, become a Mangrove Guardian

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Mangroves play a vital role in safeguarding coastal life

  • They serve as bio-shields against extreme weather events
  • They play a vital role in flood control and pollution Control
  • Provides sustainable employment for villagers
  • Mangroves are home to many threatened wildlife
  • Creates safe habitat for threatened species
  • Provides nursery grounds for many species of fish
  • Help in land building and stabilizing shorelines
  • Sequesters (store) carbon in one of the most efficient ways possible. In fact, mangrove forests are 5x more effective at storing carbon than tropical forests.

About Mangrove Plantation

Mangrove plantation is a labour-intensive process. The locals from the coastal communities have been trained to collect the propagules (seeds) from the field and develop mangrove nurseries in collaboration with the Forest Department across coastal Maharashtra. These saplings are then planted in the identified area for afforestation and to increase the green cover of the mangroves. So come be part of this unique plantation drive virtually.


Learn more about mangroves, marine biodiversity and livelihood initiatives that are taken for the conservation and protection of Mangrove and Marine biodiversity.


Mangroves of Maharashtra

Mangroves are a specialised group of plants, uniquely adapted to the harsh environmental conditions of the intertidal zone. Mangroves also confer a variety of benefits to mankind.

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Coastal and Marine Biodiversity

Maharashtra has a 720 km coastline which comprises various habitats harbouring a variety of coastal and marine lifeforms from a single-cell organism to the worlds largest mammal Blue Whale.

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Conservation through livelihood

The key players in the protection of mangroves and its habitat are local communities who are living there for years and has a symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem. Learn more on how livelihood opportunities help in protection this delicate ecosystem.

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