कांदळवन कक्ष
महाराष्ट्र शासन
कांदळवन प्रतिष्ठान महाराष्ट्र कांदळवन आणि सागरी
जैवविविधता संवर्धन प्रतिष्ठान

यूएनडीपी प्रकल्प

  UNDP-GEF Project
Capacity Building and Awareness Baseline data creation on population of cetaceans, mangrove mapping, otter, birds
Dive master training and eradication of ghost nets
Participatory Rural Appraisal BP
Snorkelling guide
Zero to Hero Training n ghost fishing net Progress Report
Community based ecotourism in Wadatar village of Wada Gram Panchayat, Taluka Devgad
Development of Alternative Tourism Destinations along the Sindhudurg Coast, Sindhudurg District
CMS- Vatavaran Posters
Apiculture in Mangroves
Best Practices - Livelihood revised
Crab Culture & Ranching Program Marathi
Development of multi-trophic Aquaculture systems in Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra (IMTA)
SRI Poster Marathi
SRI- The Package of Practices
Training manual on Edible Oyster and Green Mussel Farming
Publication Media Coverage 2013 -2018 for UNDP
Marathi booklet on Cetaceans by team KCRT
Marine mammals Stranding charts
Sea Snakes of Sindhudurg
Research Assessing the current status of the Coral reef ecosystem and formulating a long term monitoring protocol for Sindhudurg Coast_ZSI
Baseline data creation of avifauna and their conservation
Bycatch Reduction Device, CIFT_Poster
Conservation of turtles_Intiatives of People_Poster
Coral Transplantation Project_SDMRI
Demonstration of Bycatch Reduction and Juvenile Fish Excluder Devices (BRJED) in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra_CIFT, Cochin Report
Effect of fishing practices on species assemblages of sea snakes off the Sindhudurg coast of Maharashtra, India_Dakshin Foundation
Mangrove genebank BP
Participation of locals in Turtle Conservation Activity_Poster
Protection and conservation of Corals_Poster
Sindhudurg Cetacean Project report_KCRT
Studies on the Living Marine Resources of Angria Bank_NIO, Goa
Survey of Otter species and Bengal Monitor Lizard in Mangrove habitat of Sindhudurg_Ela Foundation.
An Assessment of Solid Waste Management Systems and Preparation of a Sustainable Solid Waste Management Plan for Sindhudurg District_Greeny - Report